New Scomadi Production Line Rolling

Scomadi production line.
Scomadi production line.

The latest news from China, via Preston – and Facebook – is that the production of the Scomadi 50cc scooters is well under way…The Scomadi Facebook page has pictures posted directly from China where they are inspecting the first scooters on the production line there. Good news, as this is a story we’ve been following a while now; (1), (2), (3), (4).

Scomadi frames lined up in the factory.
Scomadi frames lined up in the factory.
Scomadi legshields ready for assembly.
Scomadi legshields ready for assembly.

While the expected European delivery date is a little later than hoped, at least things are still on track for the first ‘new’ classic styled scooter to hit the showrooms in some time. We say ‘new’ because we don’t consider the current influx of plastic ‘Vespa look-a-like’ mopeds from China that owe more to 3D photocopiers and printers to be ‘new’ – they’re simply off-the-shelf retro scooters available for anyone to buy from a Chinese wholesaler.

Anyway, back to the Scomadi. The first scooters on the line are the 50cc, which is a big market for the brand in Europe as a whole. This will be followed by the 125cc, which again is very important, as it will allow all those without a full motorcycle licence to climb aboard and have some fun.

Horncovers painted and ready to fit.
Horn covers painted and ready to fit.
Scomadi seat arches awaiting the assembly line.
Scomadi seat arches awaiting the assembly line.
Scoamdi headset tops.
Scomadi headset tops.

The Scomadi range will be officially launched at Intermot (aka the Cologne Motorcycle Show) in October 2014, and will hopefully be in showrooms soon afterwards.

No final prices have been released yet, although approximate prices have been suggested previously, the cost of the 50cc scooter expected to be in the region of £1995.

For enquiries visit the Scomadi website here.



4 thoughts on “New Scomadi Production Line Rolling

  1. Looking good but what about making a 300cc version for licence holders. These would fly off the shelves. Think On

    1. Could easy drop a bigger auto engine in ourselves
      All the hard work has been done and £1900 to buy, converted ourselves a decent fast scooter for under 2500 worth a thought 😉

  2. £2000 is far to much for Chinese scooter , half that price. I can get one new on gumtree for less then £1000

    1. I thought that but look at the Indian range, at leafy this is a pretty good looking scooter, put our own bigger auto in it and were awAy

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