Vespa GTS 350 – New scooter for 2014 or just rumours?

A few websites and blogs are suggesting that 2014 will see the arrival of a new, larger Vespa scooter to the market.

However, Piaggio continue to maintain that the current Vespa GTS 300 has the largest engine that can be inserted into that particular chassis and that the chassis itself is not designed to cope with any more power.

With the Milan Motorcycle Show imminent I’m sure we’ll see just what may appear in our local Vespa showrooms in 2014 (alongside the new Vespa Primavera), but don’t expect a larger engine to be shoe-horned into the current Vespa GTS chassis – although a mild makeover for the new season is likely along with the addition of new features including ABS which will soon be mandatory on all scooters sold in Europe of 125cc and above.

Ever the optimist, I have however noted Piaggio’s exact phrasing of ‘current’ chassis etc, so in my mind that’s not to say that farther into the future bigger things won’t happen. Well…

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