Compare Fuel Prices Daily

Here is a handy online tool to use if you are planning a road trip, for example to Scarborough this Easter for the first National scooter rally. The current cost of living crisis is affecting us all, which is why insurance company GoCompare  have developed an interactive fuel prices tool to help drivers find some of the cheapest places to fill up nearby.

I’ve been using this over the last week before travelling to photo-shoots in various places and after typing in both my home postcode and that of my destination, I can decide where it is cheapest to fill up. Unfortunately it only compares diesel and basic petrol rather than super-unleaded, but it gives you an idea of what’s available.

For a ride to Scarborough for example, most of us know roughly how many miles we’ll get to the tank on our scooters. We already plan approximate locations of petrol stops for rallies, but with this online search tool we can now find the best deals along the way.

If you’re a motorway rider this could potentially save you up to 30p per litre if you leave at a junction for fuel rather than use the services. Even turning off an A-road for a mile could save you over 10p per litre which, if riding a kitted scooter over a long distance, could well add up to an extra pint when you reach your destination.

The website you need to go to is this: and it is apparently updated daily. Certainly the times I’ve used it I’ve seen different locations near to me vying to be crowned the cheapest, depending when I search.
It might sound silly, but if more people search out and use the cheaper petrol stations rather than whatever high-priced retailer happens to be on their main route, then it might just help overall prices come down a little. Well, we live in hope.

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