Vespa Snowmobile

Has snow fallen in your area this week? Maybe you need…

 a ‘Snow-Kitten’ for your scooter!
This accessory was developed in the mid-80s for the Vespa PX range by Tecnosport of Italy.
The single sheet, double-sided A4 leaflet is particularly sparse on details, stating that “in a few minutes your scooter becomes a safe and silent snowmobile for fantastic snow rides.”
The kit seems to consist of a ski for the front wheel, a caterpillar type track to replace the rear wheel, and possibly a special seat as well. All this may or may not all be stowed into a luggage box.
That the reverse of the leaflet shows photos of the fitted kit taken in a studio and the main colour picture on the front has one of the indoor photos super-imposed onto a winter mountain scene, suggests that this kit was not that successful, either in the snow or the showroom. We’ve never seen one in real life. Have you?
However, if you’re interested in some actual extreme scooter riding, check out our article in the latest edition of ScooterNova magazine where Ryo rides his 60s Lambretta SX200 through the winter snow in Japan.

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