Airoh Airbag Crash Helmet Concept

Italian crash helmet manufacturer Airoh has revealed what they claim is the world’s first motorcycle crash helmet concept with an integrated air bag for ‘enhanced head protection’. Launched at EICMA 2022 today in Milan, the latest innovation of the Airoh R&D department is inspired by the work of young engineer Roberta Descrovi and realized in collaboration with Autoliv, a worldwide leader in automotive safety systems. “This innovation is the world’s first motorcycle helmet concept with an integrated airbag for enhanced head protection and is likely to redefine the perception of helmet safety in the motorcycle industry.”

The two companies are collaborating in the design and development of a motorcycle helmet concept with an integrated airbag that can be triggered electronically and deployed in the case of accident, thus increasing the level of protection for the riders.

The target is to create a helmet concept that will substantially improve the safety of riders. Pre-study testing apparently shows, by combining the two energy absorbing technologies (helmet and airbag), the linear head acceleration and hence injuries risk can be reduced substantially.

The helmet concept with an integrated airbag was developed by Airoh with the aim to meet the safety standards regardless of the activation of the airbag system, while using the Autoliv airbag as an extended energy absorbing element to offer protection beyond current state-of-the art motorcycle helmets.

The airbag is inflated by a gas generator utilizing similar technology to that of in automotive airbag systems. The module is entirely integrated in the helmet, covered by shells that can open and allow the airbag to inflate. The system is also able to avoid compromising the helmet design.

Airoh tell us, “The concept presented at EICMA is based on a considerable number of CAE virtual tests in the first phase, followed by correlating physical impact tests, that led to the further optimization of critical parameters such as design, coverage area, pressure, and volume. This is an absolute novelty in the field of motorcycle helmets and Airoh, thanks to the collaboration with Autoliv, is extremely proud of the result already achieved, even if it is still in the development phase.”

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