Are you ready now?

Edition 29 of ScooterNova is on the way, and we’re pretty excited about it I can tell you!

So what’s inside this latest scooter magazine then? We’ve a wide variety of interesting machines and stories to tell, but this also includes number of fascinating scooters of which their owners are responsible for creating.

The contents list includes:

  • Turismo Veloce 265 – Casa Performance-powered Lambretta Series 1
  • Southport BSRA rally
  • Zundapp 500 – more power for the German classic
  • Reminiscing with the Sea Urchins – a nostalgic follow-up to the Scooter Tours article in edition 28
  • Vespa in the USA – a brief look at the subtle model differences
  • Dayton Albatross Continental 250 – classic British touring scoot
  • Purveyor of Mischief – tasty 80s inspired Lambretta GP200
  • Restoring a Lambretta 125m – rare 1947 model unearthed
  • Los Borinos, Mallorca
  • Auld Shuggie 1958 Vespa  – a heck of a shed-build!

PLUS Every Photo Tells a Story, news, product reviews, all wrapped up as always in 100 quality A4 pages of magazine.

Edition 29 is due to be published on the 22 December, but subscription copies and pre-orders will be posted out before the Royal Mail’s ‘last posting’ date of 18 December, so hopefully they will all arrive with UK reads at least before Christmas.

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Christmas Gift

And don’t forget, a magazine subscription is the perfect gift to give or receive at Christmas, a gift that lasts all year long. If you wish to buy one for someone else, just give us their details during the purchase and we’ll sort it out for you.