Stunning customs, 1950s Tours and rare Japanese scooters

Every now and again a custom scooter comes along and makes you go ‘wow’, and the artwork on St George certainly does that.

Attending Andy Francis Scooters & Soul weekend in Cumbria a few weeks ago, ScooterNova got the exclusive on this stunning Lambretta that was unveiled there. Built by Andy himself it was painted by DDK airbrushing and the detail in the murals is amazing. Check it out in the brand new edition 28 of ScooterNova magazine published on 30 October 2021, in which we also look at the customisers who helped create such a masterpiece. 

Also inside edition 28 you’ll find a wonderful article on Scooter Tours Ltd, a company that guided scooterists of the 1950s on holiday throughout Europe.
There is also a report from the recent BSEC scooter endurance racing at Teesside as well as one too from the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah where the Lambretta Club USA were aiming for some top speed records.  
Remember the 80s? A smart trio of Armando’s Special Vespa scooters will jog your memory no doubt and we take a brief look at those scooter icons too. 
Further back in time Vittorio looks at Yamaha’s first scooter, the SC-1 and there is also a stunning original condition Lambretta D125 with period accessories to enjoy. Read about the Italian who set off from Milan on his classic Vespa for the Tokyo Olympics, plus the Isle of Wight Rally,  Weston, Mersea, Derby 150, C2C and more, a trick custom Series 2 with modern-day riding lights, news and product review. 
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