Storage Cases Back in Stock

Extremely popular among many readers, our magazine storage cases are finally back in stock. Made in England and with a capacity to store up to  eight magazines in each case, we decided from the beginning that our quality magazine deserved a suitable method of storage; stylish, efficient and effective.

Not only do our cases look stylish with a faux leather-bound look and embossed spine, but unlike some magazine binders from other publications, these cases allow you to simply slip each magazine in and out for easy reading rather than risk damaging them with awkward cords holding them in place.

Edition 24 of the magazine has of course just been published, so if you’re a reader since edition 1 then you’ll probably need another case about now. Equally, for those who are looking to complete their collection of ScooterNova magazines then why not pick up a few back issues at the same time as a storage case and combine the postage costs?

A few editions have sold out mind you and we’re getting low on stock for some others so don’t leave it too late if you want to catch up on some quality scooter reading.

For those who ordered cases on back order we have posted them all out now and we’d like to thank everyone for their patience.

And if you’ve been waiting for stock to arrive before buying, then both magazines and storage cases can be purchased from our online shop via this link, with delivery to your home address making things safe and simple for all.

Not got yourself a copy of the brand new edition 24 yet? Click here to buy yours today.