New Dual Compound Scooter Tyres

Dual compounds tyres is something most will associate with motorcycle racing series such as MotoGP or World SuperBikes, but as with a lot of things at the top end of motor sport, parts and components often filter down for use on humble road machines too.

The new dual compound Kenda Kozmik tyre is now available In the UK, and what’s more it comes in a size to suit classic scooter riders as well. 

The official importer for Kenda’s motorcycle and scooter range, Cambrian Tyres dropped us a line recently to confirm the arrival of the Kozmik K6022 to these sure shores. Produced by Taiwanese company Kenda, this dual compound scooter tyre comes in a concise range of sizes including 3.50-10, 100/90-10, 120/70-12 and 130/70-12. Cambrian tell us that this is the only dual compound tyre in the UK available in 10” size.  They added, “The tread pattern features many sipes and reservoirs which provide highly effective water evacuation for excellent wet grip. Meanwhile the Kenda Two Compound (K2C) technology means the tyre features a softer shoulder compound which gives increased cornering confidence, and a harder centre compound which aids durability.”

The 3.50-10 tyre is rated 51J which is a load index of 195kg and speed index of 100kmh. The 100/90-10 tyre is 56J which is a load rating of 224kg.

The Kozmik is one of several new products being added to the Kenda scooter range at trade supplier Cambrian this year. Other new products due to arrive in the near future include a sporty K711, K333 classic whitewall, K761 street-trail and K711 Winter.

You can find out  more about the Kenda range via the UK website at and we hope to have a RRP for you shortly as well as trying them out at some stage soon too.

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