VAT-free checkout at RLC

After recent days of troubles and confusion regarding prices and duties relating to the new UK terms and laws courtesy of Brexit, Rimini Lambretta Centre are very glad to offer to all their UK customers a ‘special offer’, without time limits, on their entire range of products.

“From today (8 January 2021), all the customers who reside in the UK, with a UK address for delivery, will have no VAT on each item purchased online at”

RLC say it’s easy and you’re not to worry if you don’t see the prices discounted at first. Just register or login to their website, navigate and add what you want to your cart, then, after the choices of delivery address, shipping and payment method, you should see your special discount just before the checkout. Note this is NOT applicable on the delivery cost!

RLC say they hope this makes it easier for “their loyal customers based in UK and the feature will continue when they launch their brand new website soon (same address), complete with improved search engine, parts finder and more specs to give you a better online buying experience.”

“Thanks from all the RLC staff and happy new year!”

We at ScooterNova would just like to add that any customer buying from any shop overseas should satisfy themselves of the situation regarding potential shipping costs, import duties and taxes before pressing the ‘buy it now’ button.

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 •since this blog was posted we have a more recent blog with further information on this subject. You can find it by clicking here.