Kelso Scooter Rally – Enjoy the ride


The Scottish scooter rallies are somehow always something special for those of us from the south east, probably because they often represent the farthest riding distance to a weekend rally without going across the sea.

wm_Kelso sign_

The only negative is that with just a weekend to spare, you got to see a lot of the A1 along the way. Once you get off that major trunk road however, the route across country via Jedburgh has both stunning scenery and fantastic riding roads as many will know. And there is a lovely cafe to stop at along the A68 too…

So with the 2020 Kelso scooter rally postponed due to Covid-19, here is a look at the ride and rally from 2019 (including our friends’ Karen & Terror’s wedding), the action footage filmed mainly from the Sena cameras we have mounted to our helmets and scooters.
Enjoy the ride folks, take care, stay safe and hopefully see you all soon.


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