Tenby 2018

If like us here at ScooterNova magazine you were planning on packing your scooter and heading to Tenby in south Wales this weekend for the SCSW 2020 BSRA scooter rally, well at least we have a VE Day party in our street as compensation.

For those also missing the buzz and excitement of riding their scooter to a rally though, here is a video of our ride to Tenby back in 2018, along with footage of the rideout and custom show at the rally itself. Can you spot yourself anywhere?

And if you want to buy any scooter rally merchandise this weekend, our friends at Crusader have launched their new website with a special discount for this weekend only. Click here and quote the code TENBY for a 10% discount until the end of Sunday.

Take care out there folks, stay safe and have a good weekend.
We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but we will! 



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