New Italjet Dragster coming soon?


Well it would appear it could be as designer and son of company founder Massimo Tartarini has posted some photos online of the new Dragster being unveiled at the Taipei Motor Show in Taiwan.

Although production was initially announced as being in June 2019 at Italjet’s factory just outside of Bologna, there has been no announcement of that. But they are Italian, so it’s hardly surprising!

The radical new scooter is suggested to be available in 125cc and 200cc formats, both 4-stroke, liquid-cooled automatic engines which are based on the Rotax-designed motors used in the past by the likes of Aprilia. The 200cc version has a claimed output of almost 20hp. The new Dragster retains the SIS Independent Steering System at the front, originally designed by Massimo’s late father, Leopoldo Tartarini. The wheels are 12″ on the front and 13″ at the rear, and the excitement of certain Italjet concessions in Asia together with the fact there is an Italjet Formula branded scooter currently available in Asia (as reported by ScooterNova a few years ago now) does make us wonder where the new Dragster will be produced? And if it is in Italy, will it be from a CKD kit with up-rated European spec?

Either way, it will be good to see the Dragster back on the market. The current line-up of modern scooters needs some spicing up with regards to style, and this could be the one to do it.

No prices have been announced yet, but if it happens expect the 200cc version to cost around 4800 Euros in Italy. For more information checkout


(Photos courtesy of Massimo Tartarini and Italjet spa)

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