The gift that keeps on giving…

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New ScooterNova magazine slip cases to store your magazines in, available now from our secure online shop.

With a number of people already buying ScooterNova magazine subscriptions as Christmas presents, we thought we’d remind everyone else what an easy and popular gift this is to give.
Not only is an annual subscription to ScooterNova magazine likely to win you favour and applause from the lucky recipient, but it lasts all year-long. So every time a new magazine drops through their letterbox, they’ll be thinking of you!
ScooterNova is the quality scooter magazine, published independently by scooterists, for scooterists on a bi-monthly basis. Printed on superior paper compared to other magazines, the content is also applauded,  the articles written with integrity by knowledgeable people who have a genuine enthusiasm for the scooters they ride.

An annual subscription costs just £30 in the UK and if you’re after setting a cherry on the proverbial cake, then we have stylish magazine slip cases too in which to store your collection.

All this and more is available from our secure, online shop which can be accessed by clicking here.


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    1. There should be, yes. ScooterNova magazine will be on the Scooter Products stall as you enter the venue on the left, and if you can’t see any on display please ask.

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