AF Rayspeed Clo5e Ratio gearbox update


We’ve recently received the following statement from AF Rayspeed as a follow-up to their previous statements back in April and March regarding their new 5-speed Clo5e Ratio Lambretta gearbox.

Clo5e Ratio Update 2-6-18
“As promised I have an update on the Clo5e Ratio Gearboxes to share with you.

“Thank you for your patience with us to this point. Today’s update is unfortunately  not to let you know we have the selectors. We are still waiting for them.
“We are applying pressure to try to speed up the process, but the manufacturer is taking longer than we anticipated.  They have insisted on a production sample check of the new design, which we should receive on the 7th of June. This sample will be fitted straight in to one of the race engines that had the original failure with the same rider for harsh testing.  Assuming that has no issues, they will then supply selectors to replace all the current design. We will of course update you as soon as this happens.
“We have been made aware of two selector failures in road going scooters.  This changes the level of risk we believe running the original design presents. Currently I would recommend that it would be better not to run the Clo5e Ratio Gearbox until the new selector is fitted.  I’m very sorry for the obvious inconvenience this will cause. We are still happy to offer a full refund for those who wish to return the gearbox, and we will still warranty gearboxes people choose to continue to run.  Otherwise we will be working hard to solve this problem as quickly as we can.
“We’ll provide another update as we get the information.
“Thank you.
“Best regards, Ben”

As you know Andy has a AF Rayspeed Clo5e Ratio fitted into his Lambretta TS1 so we are among those both thankful for the update and the way that AF are dealing with this situation, but we’re equally eager to get out there and enjoy our 5-speed scooters!

Don’t forget, in edition 7 of ScooterNova magazine we have the competition to win a 5-speed Lambretta Clo5e Ratio gearbox and Malossi Vespa kit  and have every faith that this hiccup will be resolved soon.
We’ll keep you updated as soon as we learn anything new.

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