Vespa World Days – riding for charity

A good friend of ours and long time scooterist, Nick Jolly is riding to Belfast for Vespa World Days event in June and in doing so is also raising money for charity.
Back in the  dark mists of time (the 1980s!), Nick created The Ralliest scooter magazine, on of the small, independent publications that inspired and drove us to create ScooterNova magazine.
A member of Junction 13 Scooter Club since that time, his trip next month may not seem such a challenge given his previous road trips over the years, but in April 2016 Nick became very ill and had to take time off work. In May 2017 he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and after the initial shock Nick realised he had two options; crawl up in the corner or do the best he could and enjoy life.

In the summer of 2017 he was able to ride his scooter to local events (50 mile radius) and he has now been back at work for 18 months with no sick days. So the road trip to Belfast is a BIG challenge for Nick and he wants to make the most of it to raise funds for MS research and understanding of MS.
So if you are able to donate to his challenge it would be very much appreciated. Thank you one and all. 
Read Nick’s Story here…

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