New products for classic scooters

A few new products have dropped into our electronic inbox in recent weeks that have stirred our interest, and so we thought we’d share a few with you if you’d not seen them yet yourselves.

Firstly, Readspeed Scooters have a couple of new electronic CDI units they have developed that could appeal to a vast number of Vespa and Lambretta riders wanting simple solutions.
Their Lukas is a new type of Lambretta CDI unit that apparently “bypasses historic problems with Lambretta stator plates and their ongoing failure of poorly made low-tension coils.” Readspeed claim that “by connecting the Lukas and following the instructions, you will see… better starting, improved low RPM response” and that their new Lukas unit offers the re-use of stators where the low tension coil has failed. Suggesting it is small enough to carry in your toolbox and therefore something that can resolve stator breakdowns at the roadside, the Lukas is priced at £79.99, the same price as Readspeed’s new Hermes CDI. This is designed for either Vespas or Lambrettas and is a “4-stage adjustable CDI designed to work with all 2-pin IDM-based type ignitions (Varitronic, Vespatronic, Casatronic, Parmakit, Malossi, Polini etc).”

Readspeed continue, “The 4-stage unit offers an easy, fuss-free way to allow you to alter your advance/retard ignition setting quickly and easily by simply turning the switch to the desired setting.” The idea is that this replacement part’s settings can be easily altered depending on your engine’s characteristics, or even if the quality of fuel you’re using is bad, causing engine pinking for instance.

Meanwhile, over in Italy, Casa Lambretta have reproduced a number of parts for those rebuilding or restoring a classic Lambretta model D150 scooter.

They are now offering a replacement battery, battery tray, round rectifier and bracket for said rectifier, all available from your local Casa Lambretta dealer.

Sort of linked, the UK’s Casa Performance Centre, aka JB Tuning, inform us that the long-awaited supply of new SS225 pistons are on their way, meaning all those with a SS225 kit on back-order will hopefully be receiving them soon. The newly designed pistons made by Meteor will be available in either 30mm or 39mm compression heights.

Finally, as the festive season draws closer a number of wholesalers and retailers are offering discounts on various products or lines in their range, so if you’re online and in the market for a scooter-related Christmas present, get searching. Two we’ve become aware of are VE UK who are offering various deals of both Vespa and Lambretta parts via their online website here:

Meanwhile Fowlers in Bristol are running a ’12 days of Christmas’ promotion with a different deal each day on various items of rider clothing (so far at least), that could be worth checking out in store or online here:

Oh and don’t forget that we here at ScooterNova also offer a range of products that are ideal for giving at Christmas, from magazine subscriptions to hoodies and T-shirts, and our exclusive leather retro key holders. Visit our online shop here:  and you can subscribe here.

Have a ScooterNova Christmas!


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