New Davida Full Face Helmet

Sketch of the new Davida Koura

British crash helmet manufacturers Davida are known for their open-faced crash helmets, as well as their retro ‘pudding basin’ style lids too. Producing helmets from their factory in the north-west for over 40 years now, Davida have finally decided to enter the full-face helmet market as well (the re-branded flip-front a few years back not counted), and plan to launch their new model at the Milan Motorcycle Show this coming week.

According to Davida, their new Koura retro-inspired crash helmet will be “clearly identifiable as a Davida, with an exceptionally low profile and a strikingly bold styling that will be impossible to go unnoticed on the streets and the track.”

Certified to ECER22-05 and to be followed by DOT FMVS 281 & ACU Gold approval, the new Koura will be available early 2018 in both road and race versions. They continue “Davida’s first full face helmet is a result of the enhancement of their Technical Team with the very best expertise of Italian MotoGP & F1 racing helmet designers who delivered the smallest-profile road-legal Davida Speedster V3 in 2016.”

From the teaser drawing the company have released, along with their candid video, it is hard to define what it will look like exactly, although with the likes of Bell, Premier and Nexx all producing stylish retro full-face lids currently I think it’s safe to say this is the market Davida are aiming at. It would also seem that options may include either goggles or a visor for eye protection.

Davida’s photography showing overall shell size of the new Koura and their Speedster V3 open face helmet.

The best idea we have of the new Koura is from Davida’s own photograph of  it overlaid on their Speedster V open face to show what they claim, “Is the closest fitting, low profile, compact full face helmet in the world,” the image showing that, “The overall shell size of Koura around the head is as small as the Speedster V3.”

ScooterNova will be in Milan for the Eicma Show this week and will report on this and other new products in forthcoming blogs. In the meantime, here is their teaser video:

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