ScooterNova products – buy online or pre-order for Brid

We’ll be heading off to Bridlington for the Scooter Trade & Custom Show rally there in a few weeks, a great event where we will also celebrate the publication of edition 4 of ScooterNova magazine! As we’ve done at previous events this year, we’ll also offer you the chance to buy merchandise online and we’ll bring it to Brid for you to collect.
The retro-style key holders have proved very popular and are the prefect accessory for any discerning scooter rider who wishes to show off their credentials by casually laying his keys down on a table for all to see!
The Si Barber designed T-shirts too are going down a storm – original is often the best, hey folks?

And if you’re looking for the perfect present in the run up to Christmas, then these and the messenger bags are ideal. Keep an eye on the streets the next time a scooter riders past, as many are buying these bags for practical reasons as well as for their style too of course!

So if you want to buy online and collect at Brid, simply visit our shop here, make your purchases as normal and add a note that you’d like to collect at Brid. Then simply print out your order, bring it along with you and we’ll refund your postage upon collection.
And if you want a T-shirt in a size not listed, please contact ASAP as we are currently ordering new stock to replace items currently sold out.

Finally, we have a few new products in the pipeline, and hopefully we’ll have those at Bridlington too, so please come and find us in the show and say hello.

ScooterNova online shop – click here.

Edition 4 of ScooterNova magazine will be published on 25 October 2017. You can pre-order and subscribe here.

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