Warmwell Scooter Rally – actually not so warm!

It might be late November but there are still plenty of reasons to ride your scooter socially, other than simply commuting to work. The South West Scooter Clubs for example, organise their final big event of the year down in Dorset, a holiday camp in Warmwell to be precise, which is where a number of fellow scooter riders chose to congregate for an end of season party.

There’s no doubting it was cold. Very cold. The heated gloves were on their highest setting for the ride down on Friday afternoon, fingers crossed that the batteries survived until the early evening!

The weekend’s programme was relaxed, DJs spinning the discs for those after a dance, a couple of live bands, a rideout on Saturday and informal scooter show on the site beforehand.


Of the scooters that had been entered, those which caught our camera’s lens included a Yamaha RD350 YPVS powered Lambretta GP, a tidy auto-engined LD, an eye-catching bare metal Vespa chop, O’ fortuna custom GP, and the lovely DTC Bass Ale street racer. snimg_9322

For those after the classics, a rare TWN Contessa made an appearance, as did an early Mk1 Vespa P200E in lovely original pale blue paint. Very tidy indeed.

Saturday night’s band were Bootleg Blondie, a pleasant change from the norm, followed by DJs to keep us entertained until the wee hours while Hurricane Angus blew a gale outside. It was to be a cold ride home the following day too, but as always the ride was of course worth it.

Enjoy the photos…snimg_9330

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