Isle of Wight Custom Show – Prizes Galore!


It seems like it will be a bumper year for scooterists entering the custom show at this year’s Isle of Wight scooter rally, should they win of course! Why, we hear you ask? Well along with the regular trophies on offer, there are now both rider clothing and scooter luggage being offered as prizes in certain categories as well!

Firstly Italian clothing company Tucano Urbano offered four coats with a RRP of around £400 as prizes. A stylish offering that’s both waterproof and has pockets for protective body armour, that’s already a carrot to dangle.


However, the British importer of Spanish tp://Shad luggage, Motorcycle Parts Network have also stepped forward offering a whole of waterproof bags, as well as waist and thigh bags too, with a total RRP of around £500.


Having used both Tucano and Shad products ourselves we can certainly recommend the brands as both practical and useful, and wish all those entering the show at the Isle of Wight – whether classic or custom scooters, Vespa or Lambretta (or others!) – the best of luck!

And if you’ve not entered yet, check out the official IOW Scooter Rally Facebook Page to download an entry form.

Ride safe and see you there!

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