Vespa trash or Vespa art?

24_foto05TrashFormation is apparently a new-ish form of art, slowly sweeping across certain places – no doubt cool and hip locations – that as the name suggests, takes what the artist (or indeed local scrapyard think is rubbish) and turn it into a piece of art.

Of interest to us, for obvious reasons, are these pieces created in Spain, mainly because they include works that have been created using old Vespa scooters.


To be honest, it does look quite good and if we had a house big enough to hang a flattened MotoVespa on the wall, then it would probably look quite good. We just hope that the scooters in question were beyond repair and any useable parts were salvaged before the steam-rollers took over!

You can find out more about the art and view other images (scooters, cars and more that have been crushed) here.


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