Dave Webster – RIP

Dave Webster's famous Lambretta tuning manual.
Dave Webster’s famous Lambretta tuning manual.

We’re sad to learn that former scooter racer, tuner and owner of Midland Scooter Centre passed away yesterday after a battle against cancer.

For those of us cutting our scootering-teeth in the 1980s, Dave and MSC were legendary names, and if you wanted a Lambretta then you either wanted Dave to tune it or at least buy one of his famous DJ expansion pipe exhausts to make it look and sound great. I’ve still got one in the shed I can’t bear to part with!

Dave was a very successful scooter racer, taking eight British road race championships during his career. He was also responsible for the Lambretta Tuning Manual many of us still treasure, as well of course as being behind Midland Scooter Centre, from 1983 when he and Vespa racer Norrie Kerr opened it, until he retired in 2013.

There are already dozens of tributes being posted on Facebook by scooterists all around the world, such was the legend of Dave Webster.

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