Luton Vespa Club Scooter Hill Climb, 1964

The cold, winter months often mean less scooters on the road, but how many of you even think about using them socially? For enthusiasts of the 1960s it was second nature!

Hill Climb, 1964
Hill Climb, 1964

A report in the December 1964 issue of ‘The Scooter with Power & Pedal’ magazine reveals that there were plenty of eager entrants into a Hill Climb event organised by Luton Vespa Club.¬† Apparently such events had been absent from the scootering calendar for some time, until¬† the Luton VC organised this one with 50 riders signing up.

“The grass course about 125 yards long was designed for standard machines although there was a class for the ‘specials’,” the report read. “Incorporated in the course with its rutted cart track was a double ‘S’ bend into a right-hander for the short finishing straight.”

In each class entrants had four runs, before a fifth and final run over which an average was taken to score the riders. Fastest time of the day was 18 seconds dead by B. West of Luton VC, in the ‘up to 200cc’ class, with G. Hack of Cheltenham VC taking the ‘up to 125cc’ class, M. Murphy of Thames Valley VC the ‘up to 150cc’ class and P. Meads of Luton VC taking the ‘specials’ class. The awards were presented by P&P Club News Editor, Rex Collier.

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  1. The above picture of Luton VC Hill climb brings back memories. I was secretary of the Luton VC at the time and organised the event with the help of the club members. I remember a good turnout for the event, it was a real fun day. I am in the picture on the left as a marshal; leaning on the rope! The big guy was Albert who was a Luton VC member and lived in Woburn. As I am in the picture I would like a copy please.

    1. Hello Peter, Thanks for reading our scooter blog and contacting us. We’ve sent via email a scan from the December 1964 edition of Power & Pedal magazine where we found the original article.
      If you have any other scooter related stories or photographs you’d like to sharre with others via our website we’d love to hear from you.
      With kind regards,
      The SN

  2. Hi, the photo is of Mike Murphy who won the 150 class, I’m in the background wearing a two tone crash helmet. Mike and myself were both members of TV display team. In 1965 we tested the new 180 Vespa on a 3 capitals non stop endurance run. We visited London, Cardiff and Edinburgh. We did 4 hours on and 4 hours off, sleeping in a Vauxhall estate support car and covered nearly 1000 miles finishing up on the Vespa stand at the Blackpool motorcycle show .

    Roy gibbons

    1. Thank you for your comments Roy, and what great memories. If you’ve any photos you’d like to share from those days please do get in touch as we have a printed magazine too that is perfect for such tales. (
      By the way, another former TV Display Team member Spike still owns and shows an ex-display Douglas Vespa too.
      Best regards, Andy

      1. Hi, I have loads of photos, will sort and email over.
        Spike Edwards yes he was in the team same time as me and my wife Denise. Can you put me in touch?

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