New Vespa VX Elegante for India

IMG_3624-0.JPGLaunching their second ‘special edition’ Vespa for the local market, the Elegante will hit the streets of India on 20 September 2014.

Vespa India have announced the latest model in their Vespa range, a ‘premium’ version of their VX range there, which for European and American readers is pretty much like the old Vespa LX with a base model featuring drum brakes at either end.
The ‘special edition’ Elegante looks like a late model LX, features a 200mm disc brake up front, the twin-looking saddle of the LXV and some extra chrome trim. It will also boast an Elegante badge and different colour options, metallic brown and pearl white.
For those of us outside of India, interesting features include the accessory fold-down step on the left side-panel for female pillions to sit side-saddle, and a different exhaust that is easier to remove to allow the interchangeable tubed wheels to be repaired at the side of the road: a useful feature now missing from modern Vespa scooters in the Western world (the classic PX aside of course). A shame really as that makes it unique amongst modern two-wheelers.
The engine is as all Vespa India scooters currently are, 125cc 4-stroke 3-valve auto, designed for economy. For more details visit the Indiancarsbikes website.



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