The Indie Farmer’s Vespa Road Trip

Indie farmer road trip
Indie farmer road trip

The indie farmer is a chap by the name if Nigel from east London who has set up a new venture for himself, to ‘bring the limelight to’ some of the best independent farmers and small producers the UK, and our thanks go to KenHooperUK who tipped us off about the farmer via Twitter.

At the end of of July, Nigel is hoping to go on a six week scooter tour of the UK, “to bring much needed attention to the small-scale farmers and artisan producers around the country and share my journey with you.”

He continues, “I will be focussing on the the issues surrounding these businesses, and making it easier for the everyday foodie to find and follow an undiscovered treasure trove of beautiful food and hard-working people.”
Nigel is after donations to support his road trip costs – he will be riding his rather battered Vespa S automatic scooter around the UK – and says, “Donations will be met with perks (as listed), and eternal good karma, guaranteed.”

If you want to help you can go here to find out more. If nothing else, hopefully it will turn out to be an interesting Vespa road trip we can all follow and enjoy.

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