Euro Lambretta Austria 2015 – a video teaser

If you enjoyed this year’s Euro Lambretta as much as we did, then take a look at this neat little promo video of 2015’s rally, courtesy of the Lambretta Club of Austria. We’re looking forward to it already!

2 thoughts on “Euro Lambretta Austria 2015 – a video teaser

  1. Hi , can you tell me if it is possible to put my scooter on a train from say calls a France.
    If it is possible to go all the way to Austria
    pleas send me an email.

    terry brown

    1. You really need to ask train companies about this, not us – we’re only about scooters.
      From talking with friends in Switzerland last year, we think motorail trains run from Holland these days and only go to Italy, or maybe the south of France.
      But Why not ride it? It’s only about 700 miles from Calais and riding through Europe is the best way to see it all.

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