New Scomadi Scooters – Prices and dates for 2014? Not yet.

There have been a lost of posts on the internet regarding the forthcoming Scomadi scooters, and indeed we’ve blogged about Scomadi a few times here and here.

Scomadi 50 prototype.
Scomadi 50 prototype.

There’s certainly been plenty of excitement about the scooters and of course the big question on everyone’s lips has been the retail price. How expensive (or cheap) will they be?With production of the air-cooled 50cc and 125cc 4-stroke versions of the range planned to be in China, Scomadi have suggested that the 50 will hopefully retail at around £1800 while the 125 will be over £2000. However, these prices are still up in the air. Scomadi have recently stated on their Facebook page, “We are currently working on improving some of the design detail features before carrying out more tests and giving the thumbs up for production. If all goes to plan we should see deliveries for early spring.”

We also understand that specification and supply of the 125cc engine has not been finalised yet either, which of course will also affect the price, as understandably a higher spec Euro-designed motor will cost more than an off-the-shelf older design engine as used in many Chinese scooters today.


Scomadi 50 prototype
Scomadi 50 prototype

Regarding the 300cc version, the plan is to use a Piaggio engine and with final assembly of that model expected to be in Europe, possibly the UK, it will be priced similarly to the Vespa GTS. However the deal for supply of the Piaggio engine is still being negotiated so the production version of the Scomadi 300 is likely to be to the final model in the range to arrive.

A limited edition, handbuilt Scomadi Turismo Legera 300
A limited edition, handbuilt Scomadi Turismo Legera 300

As for arrival dates of the 50 and 125cc scooters, we reckon around summer 2014 if we’re lucky. As keen as we all are to see these scooters on the market, the reality is that new vehicles can take two to four years to go from concept through prototype and then arrive in a showroom near you. Still, at least it gives plenty of time to save up those pennies…

STOP PRESS Scomadi prototype undergoes testing in UK HERE.

24 thoughts on “New Scomadi Scooters – Prices and dates for 2014? Not yet.

  1. Please can you let me know when the 300 is coming out so i can put a deposit down , thanks .also any info on the 125 .

  2. Please can you let me know when the 300 is coming out so i can put a deposit down , thanks .also any info on the 125 .

    1. You really need to be telling Scomadi this – they’re the ones building and selling the scooters.
      This is just a scooter blog! 😉

    1. If you click on the ‘Scomadi’ link in the post that will take you to the manufacturer’s website. They are based near Preston but intend to have dealers nationwide once production has started.

  3. Ok so after years of us having to put up with our beautiful classic vezzies and lambis not starting or dying on us without notice we have at last a company that has the nonce to realise that a proper classic looking brand new reliable sensibly priced scooter will fly off the shelves. So why ohh bloody why have scomadi taken their beautiful design and stuck a disgusting tacky horrible digital speedo panel on it ? The speedo is one of the parts that provided the designers with the opportunity to replicate the beautiful classic looking speedos of the past because as us owners know just looking down at our classic models speedos and dials is a pleasure. I feel like going to Preston and strangling the idiot who designed it and shooting the dick who agreed to it. Me and others just don’t get it. How can they not realise that the digital dial will totally lose the classic feel of the bike ???

    1. It’s 2014, you were Probley there in late 70s early 80s and had scooters ever since like myself, you have nothing to proove to anyone, were all middle aged blokes now, , I will always have a Lambretta anyway, and let’s face it it’s better to look at with proper bertone styling than that ridiculous LN thing, it’s a case of take it or leave it,

      1. Not forgetting the buffoons who at 50 us years old walk round with a Paul weller haircut

  4. Production time for the 300 when are we likely do see one? Will orders be taken prior to production.

    1. for their sakes, hopefully ok. No reason why they shouldn’t, it’s usually the very cheap home-market bikes that have a poor reputation, not the higher spec export scooters.

      1. The thing about the uk is old blokes that are in scootering are obsessed with speed,
        And most of the old blokes on these ts1 lambrettas don’t even have a full licence,,
        Registerd as 125????

  5. Im just getting into the scooter scene. The mates have berated me for years for not having one. Well its an early mid life crisis. I’ ve finally given in.

  6. Can you tell me if i can get 125 scomadi in the south west devon or North devon would like to try one

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