1980s Vespa wheel discs by Andreas Pinasco

When Piaggio launched the Vespa T5 in 1985 it featured a number of sporty looking features to complement the fast 5-port engine. But did all of their inspiration come from the Formula 1 circuit?

This is an advert that appeared in Italy’s Motociclismo magazine in the early 1980s, prior to the launch of the T5.

Andreas Pinasco began developing tuning parts for Vespa scooters back in the 1960s. By the 1980s his company had diversified into other accessories as well, mostly within the loose remit of going faster. These included such parts as windscreens and also these wheel discs/ covers to ‘streamline’ your Vespa further. Well okay, so maybe these were more aesthetically enhancing accessories for your Vespa PX but you get the gist.
Anyway, these discs obviously seemed like a god idea as Piaggio fitted their own, alternatively designed versions as standard to their Vespa T5 and later their T5 Classic as well as their Cosa scooter too.

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