New Lambretta lookalike for 2014 – Scomadi to launch at Eicma

Scomadi leaflet
Scomadi leaflet

British company Scomadi have announced they will launch their new range of scooters at Eicma, aka Milan Motorcycle Show next week in Italy.

A few years ago a couple of businesses on the North West got together to create a classic styled scooter with a modern automatic engine. PM Tuning and Scooter Innovation (aka Lambretta Innovation)’s first offering were titled Series 4 and Series 5, built to order and based around the styling of the Lambretta GL/ dl range which was originally design for Innocenti by Bertone.

Their next step was to produce a limited run of carbon fibre bodied Turismo Leggera scooters, powered by Piaggio’s liquid-cooled 250cc auto engine, as used in their Vespa GTS 250.

Scomadi Turismo Leggera 300
Scomadi Turismo Leggera 300

This was followed by another small volume production using the Piaggio 300 (269cc) Quasar, fuel-injected, liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine from the Vespa GTS 300 and using fibreglass panel work, which again was styled around the Lambretta GP/ dl range of scooters and as you may imagine, also features modern technology not only in the engine but also to improve handling as well.


Scomadi 50/ 125
Scomadi 50/ 125

And so that brings us up to today, with the announcement that Scomadi are to launch air-cooled 50cc and 125cc versions of their Turismo Leggera scooter in Milan with production expected to begin shortly and the first scooters to be delivered to European customers some time in 2014.

We watch this space with interest for what could well be a bright new chapter in the story of the modern motor scooter.

11 thoughts on “New Lambretta lookalike for 2014 – Scomadi to launch at Eicma

  1. I’ve seen the carbon fibre 300 Scomadi and it looks good. It will be interesting to see how the smaller scooters turn out.

    1. We don’t expect to see the 300 before summer at the earliest, going on the information we have. Good things come to those that wait and all that though!

    1. Scomadi – who are producing the scooter – are the people you should be asking this question, so drop them a line (link in post).

  2. I am looking for a new 50cc scotter could you please tell me when your scotter will be available and the Price thank you .

    1. There is a test ride in the current May edition of Scooteting magazine with further details.
      Other than that You’ll need to contact Scomadi direct for final prices.

  3. You say contact Scomadi, contact Scomadi but I have and they have a stock e.mail reply from Frank, it says early spring 2014. So that’s already outdated and no further information is given. Why all the cloak and dagger Scomadi. C’mon or buyers like me will be lost…..

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