Rebirth of the Vespa Primavera – latest pictures of new Vespa!

Spanish motorcycle and scooter website recently published images of what they claimed was a new Vespa scooter to be launched in the new year and named the Primavera.

Is this funky speedo from a new Vespa Primavera for 2014?

I’m sure Vespa fans the world over know of the Primavera, a smallframe 125cc 2-stroke scooter produced by Piaggio from the early 1970s until the late 1990s. Piaggio also produced a ‘sports’ version too, the Primavera ET3, back in the days when an alternative to the range meant things like a higher performance 3-port cylinder and electronic ignition, and not just a few extra graphics that will cost you £250 more!

The new Primavera however, will be powered by the same 125cc, 3-valve, 4-stroke air-cooled engine that the Vespa LX and 946 use, and will also have an LCD speedometer reminiscent of those from the original Primavera or the 1970s.

Is this the new Vespa Primavera for 2014?

However this new Vespa is heavily inspired by the 946, although to my eyes it looks more like a Vespa LX with a slight makeover. A shame really as once again Piaggio seemed to have missed an opportunity to give us something different and while this new Vespa may require an amount of retooling on their part, I’m not sure the result will be enough to win over the hearts of the those on the road. My opinion could all change of course, once I get to see it in the flesh…

STOP PRESS – Check out the latest official images from Piaggio here (4 November 2013).




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