New Shoei NXR2 crash helmet for the summer

I do like a Shoei crash helmet. They fit me well, are light, comfortable, well-vented and of course safe. Got a heard worth 10p then buy a 10p helmet, and all that. I have Shoei NXR helmet and have ridden tens of thousands of miles in it with no complaints. And now Shoei have improved on that with the new NXR2 due for arrival in UK shops this summer.

Riding East: Andy, his 1958 Lambretta and Shoei NXR at the Czech border in 2019 en route to the EuroLambretta rally in Poland that summer.

The new Shoei NXR2 crash helmet.

The new Shoei NXR2 is the first of the Japanese company’s helmets to meet the latest ECE22.06 standards (which comes into effect from 2024), making it one of the safest crash helmets you can buy.

As you’d expect from Shoei, they’ve combined safety features such as outstanding shock absorption with class leading aerodynamics, optimised ventilation, improved visibility, style, all within a compact and lightweight shell.

That shell is produced using organic fibre and multi-composite fibre in various layers for a shock absorbent shell with optimum rigidity. It has a EPS Liner system with multiple densities, the separate layers of different hardness which absorb energy effectively during an accident.

Unlike some cheaper helmets from manufacturers that might apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach, Shoei produce four different shell sizes to suit the range of head sizes from XXS to XXL. This of course means everyone not only gets a helmet at the optimum weight, but also the related safety aspect too.

The new CWR-F2 Visor features a central locking mechanism, rather than the previous left-side clip. Shoei have also moved the fixings for the included Pinlock antifog visor insert system (very much recommended) to improve lateral field of vison, however minor any restriction may (or may not) have been previously. By the way Shoei visors are both fast and easy to change. I can switch from a dark to clear visor at the roadside, often without removing my helmet.

Improved visor beading, along with new cheek and ear padding has apparently helped reduce wind noise further from what was already a quiet helmet.

Fastened with a double D-ring for perfect adjustment each time, the new NXR2 also features detachable and washable padding and chin strap cover. The NXR2’s cheek pads and centre pad are removable and washable too. It also features Shoei’s Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS), allowing safe removal of the helmet by a third party by pulling the red tabs to release the cheek padding, in case of an emergency.

There is multiple venting and extraction with inlets at the chin and forehead and enlarged exhaust at the rear to let warm air out. The venting along with the aerodynamic features of all Shoei helmets are the result of their in-house wind tunnel test facility,  with data obtained from research and development reliably used to improve new models.

The new Shoei NXR2 helmet will be available in the UK from August 2021 with a RRP from £429.99 (black or white) up to £539.99  for graphic options, many of which are shown in the gallery at the bottom of this post. As stated above the sizes range from XXS to XXL and you can learn more about the range of Shoei crash helmets at

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