MYMoover – New Delivery Scooter From Piaggio

I’ve been tracking this little beauty for a while now and so am pleased to finally compose this blog to share the story.
It’s always nice when something ‘new’ arrives in the world of modern scooters, and as a dedicated classic scooterist myself I am of course pleased it is Piaggio who have come up with the goods.

So ladies and gents, here is MyMoover, a new 125cc scooter from Piaggio in Italy. As you can see it has three-wheels, and as the images may well confirm, it is squarely aimed at the delivery market. For now at least.
Test riding a Piaggio MP3 at a press launch in Paris (image courtesy of Milagro)

Back in 2006 Piaggio launched the MP3 scooter, a three-wheeler that tilted into corners. That had two wheels at the front and a conventional modern scooter engine with a single wheel at the rear.

But new patent applications I’d come across a few months ago however suggest that Piaggio were working on a different three-wheeler, with the configuration reversed.


If that rings any bells then it could be because British manufacturer BSA had go at producing something similar in the late 1960s, eventually launching the Ariel 3 which flopped spectacularly. That technology however was developed by a British company, G.L. Wallis & Son, who subsequently licensed it to Honda who made a success of it, with their Stream, Gyro and roofed Gyro Canopy scooters.

That Piaggio have patented their latest vehicle suggests there is enough within to make it different to those that went before. Some research suggests that this could involve how the rear wheels are driven, especially when the vehicle is leaning into a corner.

Piaggio’s drawings for the new MyMoover.
As the drawings show, there is obviously something jointed going on that keeps the driver straight by the looks of it, despite the scooter’s engine and wheels banking into a corner as you’d expect a normal two-wheeler to do. The suspension is also an issue that has been especially developed for this kind of scooter according to the agent application. That should prove interesting once we get the opportunity for closer investigation.
The possibility of some kind of reverse gear should also not be dismissed either. These new scooters are designed to carry a load of around 95kg so having assistance to manoeuvre it in tight spaces will no doubt have been a consideration.
The Italian postal service have ordered thousands on the new Piaggio MyMoover for urban deliveries.

As you can see, the Italian postal service are right on the ball when it comes to urban delivery solutions. Piaggio have long produced a special version of their Liberty scooter with a carrier on the front and different headlight position to suit such purposes and have been rewarded with good contracts. The new MyMoover is no different. This 125cc scooter was specifically designed and developed by Piaggio to meet the transport and delivery needs of corporate fleets. Its 95kg carry capacity is distributed with 25kg on the front and 70kg in the rear (we think both rack and box are included with the scooter). The large wheels are perfect for cobbled city centres and potholed roads alike, the 4-stroke automatic engine meets Euro 5 regulations, and Poste Italiane S.p.A. have apparently ordered 5000 of them, the total value of which is something like 31 million euros.

Over the years Piaggio has also managed to supply two-wheeled delivery scooters to the Spanish, Dutch, German, Austrian, Swiss, Belgian, Slovenian, Hungarian and Albanian post offices. It still amazes me that Royal Mail here in the UK have regular-sized vans in city centres all over the country, rather than scooters. And before anyone mentions the distance or weather, it rains in Italy too and the posties out there also ride them up to remote villages as well.


That said, the good news is that a little bird has suggested that the new Piaggio MyMoover will be coming to the UK. While delivery of the Italian postal fleet is apparently targeted as the first half of 2021, images suggest the ‘White Van Man’ will indeed get the opportunity to become ‘White MyMoocer Man’, should he so wish.


As for dates and prices, we have nothing yet, nor indeed do we have anything official from Piaggio. Apart from our own research, it was Italian motorcycle magazine InSella that we found the postal related story and images. We are however hoping to have a ride on one in the very near future. We’ll keep you posted…


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