New budget intercom from Sena

We ride a lot of miles here at ScooterNova magazine, which gives us a chance to test a variety of products while on the road. One which gets plenty of use are our helmet-to-helmet intercoms, and regular readers of the magazine will know we quite like the products produced by Sena.

We reviewed the 10C Pro with built-in camera in edition 23 of the magazine (available to buy from our online store here), and you can check out some of the camera footage on our Youtube channel here. But if you’re in the market for a more basic intercom, Sena have just launched two new low profile headsets which are updated versions of their entry-level 3S headsets for motorcycle and scooter helmets.

 Sena’s original 3S headset now comes in two new 3S PLUS versions, updated with Bluetooth 4.1 to offer HD Intercom with enhanced range, plus voice prompts and smart intercom pairing, using the Sena Utility App.

The 3S PLUS Boom has a sleek design, with controls on the microphone for ease of use on open-face helmets, while the 3S PLUS Universal has an external control unit that attaches to the helmet’s shell and can be installed on both full-face and open face-helmets. The 3S PLUS Universal comes with two wired microphone extensions, standard and boom types, and both versions have speakers that are easy to fit inside your helmet.

Both versions have a two-button control to operate the various functions of the headset. Range for the intercom is not as great as some of Sena’s more expensive models, but claims up to 400 metres (approx a quarter mile), which is more than enough for a pillion, riding with one friend or in a small group. The 3S PLUS also features Sena’s Advanced Noise Control to filter out wind and background noise for clearer conversation. The headset support smartphone connectivity too, which allows users to pair a phone in order to listen to GPS directions, take phone calls, or stream music.

The Sena Utility App allows you to configure a Sena device, changing feature settings, pair devices, access a ‘quick start guide’ and more. Both the 3S PLUS Boom and 3S PLUS Universal are available now for £99 (incl. VAT) and you can find your local stockist by visiting the website here. 

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