Happy Birthday SLUK!


If you’ve not come across our friends at Scooterlab.uk then their first anniversary is as good a reason as any to go and check them out. But what is the ScooterLab?

Scooterlab.uk (aka SLUK) launched a year ago on 6 March 2016, a brave and innovative venture by a couple of well-known freelance scooter journalists who decided put all of their creative know-how into a free online scooter magazine.20170302-3451-Edit

ScooterLab arrived on the scene and immediately offered readers stunning feature scooters, the latest products tests, and regular ‘hot off the press’ scooter news – often exclusively revealed on SLUK – covering both modern and classic scooters.
We should point out here too that some of the regular ScooterNova who also read SLUK may have noticed a few articles following a similar vein or two over time. There’s very good reason for this in that there is a little crossover of contributors. As we all know, the scooter scene is full of one big happy family of scooter enthusiasts!

From new scooter road tests, to sponsoring their own rider to become overall Street Class champion in the 2016 BSSO scooter racing season, scooter rallies to gossip and more, SLUK continues to develop and grow, offering readers plenty of reasons return on a regular basis.
And as a new year dawns it promises to be another exciting 12 months ahead for all of us, so keep on watching this space folks and happy reading!
You can read SLUK’s own review of their first 12 months here.02042016-Croft-Race-1-Saturday-5D-19-Copy-sluk-sponsored-Barry-Braithwaite-1024x990-600x600


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