Goodbye Jonnie

Jonnie Bolland, RIP.

It was a sad day yesterday as the scooter scene said goodbye to one of the most popular and influential characters within it, Jonnie Bolland.
A member of the Stockport Crusaders SC, as well as the current VFM organisation, earlier in December Jonnie sadly succumbed to a long-term illness he had been suffering for a number of years.
The funeral took place yesterday and we were proud to be among the hundreds of scooters that accompanied our friend Jonnie for one last ride. We were led by Jonnie’s own Vespa being ridden with the pallbearers, his fellow Stockport Crusaders leading the masses of scooters behind, which brought the roads in this area of Manchester to a temporary standstill as the procession moved slowly on.
The respect Jonnie held in the scene was immense, but then he was part of it for many years as not only a rider but also behind the scenes producing merchandise (Nu-Line in the 80s, and more recently his company Crusader Promotions) and as an event organiser as a partner in VFM.
Scooterists attended from all corners of the UK and beyond, some riding overnight to attend and pay their respects. From Scotland down to the South West Clubs, Wales, Northern Ireland, the South East, the Midlands, North West and North East, as well of course as a huge number from local Manchester clubs too. Friends and committee members from Lambretta Club of Great Britain, past and present, Vespa Club of Britain, former magazine editors and owners, original VFM founder, an abundance of current VFM volunteers, along with other friends and family filled Dukinfield Town Hall after the ceremony to celebrate Jonnie’s life and remember the good times, of which of course there are very many.
Our love and condolences once again go out to his wife Jude, children and other family members at this sad time, and I’m all sure we’ll all remember him every time we buy a legshield banner, patch or T-shirt at a scooter rally.
RIP Jonnie, a true scootering legend. sndscn3735 sn-dscn3730sn-dscn3742 sn-img_9507  sn-img_9515

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