Rare Lambretta SX


In the past we’ve posted about the Vespa mopeds that some traditionalists may not class as real Vespas, but Piaggio weren’t alone in using their brand name on a widening range of products to meet customer demands.

Innocenti first produced their Lambretta 48 moped in the 1950s, but it didn’t really do well compared to other Lambretta machines. However, by the late 1960s the market had changed and they tried again.


The Lambrettino 39 featured an engine built by Motom.  The 39cc, 1.2hp pedal-assisted moped was not the sales success Innocenti hoped for, despite the vibrant, modern colours offered like orange, red and grey. A claimed fuel efficiency of 200mpg should have helped sales but this was offset with a maximum “speed” of around 40kph (25mph).

In 1967 the engine capacity was increased to 49cc and the name changed to SX Automatic, no doubt trying to boost sales with links to the popular SX range.

The Lambrettino 39 and SX Automatic mopeds were in production from late 1966 to the end of 1968, about as long as the SX 150 and 200cc scooters, with about 25,000 sold. The fact that Piaggio’s Ciao moped remained in production until the 21st century proves once again that when it came to smaller capacity machines, Innocenti were no match for their major rivals.


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