4-seater Lambretta Limo for sale

Lambretta Limo
Lambretta Limo

Earlier this week we posted about a 5-wheeled Vespa, and now we have a 4-seater Lambretta, where  will these extreme numbers end?

The scooter was created by Jubilee Scooters in Leicestershire England a few years ago now as their winning entry in a scooter build-off competition.


Turning heads wherever it goes It proved a great promotional tool Jubilee but now the time has come presumably for the Lambretta Limo to go.

Lambretta Limo
Lambretta Limo

The scooter is a 1978 example of an Indian built Lambretta GP200, heavily modified to seat four people, cleverly done with both the frame and side panels elongated perfectly.

IMG_5871.JPGIf this kind of thing interests you, then you can find it for sale on Gumtree for ‘in excess of ¬£8000’. It might sound a lot but at least you’ll be sure of having a unique scooter!

Alternatively, if it inspires you to create a multi-seat scooter of your own, well other examples of scooters built for more than two include this modified Vespa GTS…

IMG_5860.JPG and this rat rod Vespa similar to that on a video we posted in January 2014.

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