Vespa 50 Special – fully loaded!

The humble Vespa 50 Special was the first scooter for many turning 16 during the 1980s here in the UK.
Understandably it became the transport of choice for many a young aspiring Mod, but could you imagine it would cope with this many optional accessories?
Truly a peacock amongst scooters!

**(Check out our new, updated article on this scooter, posted 1 March 2015)

5 thoughts on “Vespa 50 Special – fully loaded!

  1. Where is this bloke and the scooter now? Always wanted to know what happened to them both.

  2. This Vespa has not been taxed since September 1985 so is prob scrapped or laid up.
    No idea who the owner is though?

  3. The original owner, Bryn, was from near Leicestershire if memory is correct, and he also starred on Blue Peter on British TV with his Vespa.

  4. Just stumbled across this, Bryn’s family lived next door to me growing up (my parents and Bryns mum are still there!) Brilliant memories of seeing these scooters!!!

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