Lambrettas and Vespas in Old Saigon


Today restored scooters from Asian are often treated with suspicion by scooterists in the Western world, but we often forget these modern-day classics were once everyday commuters out there. A young Vietnamese architect has decided to demonstrate his love for Saigon by publishing a book featuring his own sketches of the city in the old times, which for readers of Scooternova means that definitely involves scooters!


Le Hung Trong, 31, is apparently to release his sketch book – Sai Gon Xua (Old-Time Saigon) – later this year and it will be published in both Vietnamese and English. As well as parts of the city the book also apparently boasts sections that include means transport from different periods, including rickshaws, Vespas and Lambrettas, as well as Lambro 3-wheeler commercial vehicles too.


Trong said he has “adorned his sketches with art-line strokes to add richness to the mansions, most of which are heavily influenced by French architecture.”

Trong’s ‘Saigon Xua’ Facebook page has attracted over 25,000 likes and you can find the link via his website at

You can also find the original Thanh Nien News story here.


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