Classic & Automatic Scooter Show – 22 March 2014

Scooter Center Koln Scooter Show
Scooter Center Koln Scooter Show

Long time, no posts… it’s amazing how time flies when you’re fettling a scooter in your shed. With plenty of miles and a handful of oi fingers to our name already this year, we’re looking out for where we might be as the months roll on.

High up on our ‘to do’ list is the 7th Custom Scooter Show organised by Scooter Center Koln and the Twisted Pistons SC of Aachen in Germany.If you’ve attended a custom scooter show in the UK then should prove a good example of something a little different, as the Vespa tends to be more popular in Germany whereas here in Great Britain it tends to be the Lambrettas that are often tuned and customised. Don’t let that put you off though as firstly some of the German Vespa street racers and customs can and do put British Lambrettas to shame, and secondly, Scooter Center produces some fine aftermarket Lambretta parts under its BGM brand too.

As an added bonus, this show also has a good attendance of custom automatic scooters too with the local youth showing off their customising skills too – so all in all the show offers a good variety of scooters for a full day out.

Here’s a link for more info and below is a video from last year’s show to whet your appetite. Maybe see you at a bar in Koln?

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