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North America: Scooter Fix! (Canada)


** There are many scooter shops in the UK and Europe that sell ScooterNova magazine as part of their mail-order service. So if you want to get your fix of a quality scooter publication at the same time as some mail-order scooter parts, then check out these scooter shops and ask about combining the shipping. Don’t worry if you cannot see the edition of ScooterNova magazine you require in their online shop, just ask, as they also keep stock on the counter to sell to local customers as well.
Scooter Fix (Canada)
Scootopia (UK)
Scooter Restorations (UK)
Cambridge Lambretta Workshop (UK)
Disco Dez Scooters (UK)
Torbay Lambretta (UK)
Rimini Lambretta Centre (Italy)
SIP Scootershop (Germany)
Scooter Center Köln (Germany)
Scooterist Factory (Spain)

local scooter shops wishing to stock ScooterNova magazine are invited to contact us email:

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