Edition 11


ScooterNova Magazine Edition 11 (Jan/Feb 2019)
100 pages – A4 size – quality paper

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  • Three genuine 1950s Lambretta LD Riviera scooters
  • A Way Of Life – a very tasty Vespa custom combo
  • Vittorio Tessera on Lambretta in Israel and frame number anomalies
  • Sticky rides a rare Ducati designed by Ghia
  • Johnny Lambrettista talks polishing
  • The Pondering Prince in Africa riding possibly the toughest scooter rally in the world
  • Flea rides into Europe on his Lui in search of a hillbilly music festival
  • Moped Mayhem! Trixie and friends go mud-plugging on mopeds
  • The Garagista’s Scooter Car – part Vespa, part VW, part Triumph Herald!
  • A tasty pair of 60s Lambrettas built for speed and the street
  • Bridlington and Antwerp custom shows
  • An Awfully Pleasant weekend by the sea
  • The 2018 BSRA champions tell us about their year
  • Iggy reports the news from EICMA Milan

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