Edition 23, published 18 December 2020

  • 75 Years of Vespa – a closer look at how it all began
  • EXCLUSIVE rare Innocenti factory photos of the Lambro 550 launch
  • Aermacchi’s first scooter – a rare oddity with a personality crisis
  • Time, Trouble & Money – Brad take another look at the Swinging 70s as the 80s beckon
  • Lambretta GT200 found in a Scottish scrap yard
  • 70 Years of Douglas Vespa –  the first and last models produced in England
  • Crossfire Hurricane – the DTC Royspeed dealer special with added Ron Moss performance
  • The Castle Challenge – places to ride during a pandemic
  • Malcolm – Lambretta LD from 1958. British registered, accessorised and untouched
  • Is 30hp the new 20? Iggy looks at performance kits
  • The Phoenix – a garage built Lambretta LD with a TS1 motor that literally rose from the ashes
  • Plus product news, all lovingly designed and presented, and wrapped up in 100 quality pages for your delectation!





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