E10 fuel threat to UK

Not satisfied with the threat to outlaw combustion engines in the near future and to replace them with electric powered vehicles, the British Government's latest box-ticking exercise in the name of 'reducing emissions' is to introduce E10 fuel containing 10% ethanol.The Government claim that E10 is a form of “cleaner” petrol, aimed at cutting carbon … Continue reading E10 fuel threat to UK

A Real Threat to the Classic Scooter Scene

If you are one of those with concerns over how the ethanol in some fuels affects your engine, then it may be getting worse soon. If you’re one of those who doesn’t care about ethanol, well now is the time to pay attention. Seriously. In 10 days time, at 11:45pm on 16th September, the British … Continue reading A Real Threat to the Classic Scooter Scene

Threat to ban classic scooters from British roads

This might sound like scaremongering, but plans are afoot to charge both two and four-wheeled vehicles of a certain age to drive in London, and if it’s not stopped now then this policy will certainly extend around the UK to other towns and cities. What is ULEZ? Transport for London (TfL) have created the ULEZ … Continue reading Threat to ban classic scooters from British roads

Important PTW Consultation

Transport for London are canvassing opinion on whether Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs) should be charged to enter the capital. We urge scooter riders (and motorcyclists) all over the country to complete the consultation found by following this link and tell TfL that PTWs are a solution to congestion and pollution, not a chargeable commodity to … Continue reading Important PTW Consultation