Lambretta – carbon or steel?

With the long-awaited winter-summer-autumn-winter rebuild of my Lambretta GP 200 finally getting into gear (sort of – I've got another scooter to strip down first!), I've found myself pondering whether to splash out on a few trick-looking parts as well as rewarding its loyal service of 15 years with a new coat of paint. The … Continue reading Lambretta – carbon or steel?

1980s Vespa wheel discs by Andreas Pinasco

When Piaggio launched the Vespa T5 in 1985 it featured a number of sporty looking features to complement the fast 5-port engine. But did all of their inspiration come from the Formula 1 circuit? This is an advert that appeared in Italy's Motociclismo magazine in the early 1980s, prior to the launch of the T5. … Continue reading 1980s Vespa wheel discs by Andreas Pinasco