Lambretta Stand Bump Stop


Lambretta Stand Bump Stop – bolt-on

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Designed by Sticky and produced on his 3D printer, these bolt-on bump stops are designed to stop a Lambretta centre stand from clattering back up and hitting the rear running boards, often causing damage in the process.
Series 1 and 2 Lambrettas had a piece on the stand from the factory to do this, as did later Indian SIL and Spanish Lambrettas, but for Italian Series 3 models onwards this feature was dropped.

So for those with Italian stands missing the stop, this aftermarket accessory is easy to fit and takes only a few minutes to do. The kit includes the 3D printed bump stop, nut and screw to fasten it around your stand leg, a sticky pad to fix to the underside of your scooter where the bump stop will meet it, and soft plastic cap to slide over the stop once fitted. Simply slide the stop around the stand leg, raise the stand to find the position the stop needs to be located, then tighten the screw, fit the cap and pad, job done.



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