Helmet visor stickers (sun shade)


Sun shade stickers for crash-helmet visor


We’ve been using these ourselves for a few years now, both on the road and the race track and they really help when riding in bright sunshine, whether a mid-summer’s day or early winter morning.

An oblong 190mm x 20mm permanent sticker that you fix to the upper edge of your crash helmet’s visor, even with a dark visor these can help shield your eyes from the sun.

We wear Shoei crash helmets and the size of these stickers is fine for our visors, but please be aware they may not suit ALL brands of crash helmet and visor, so please measure yours before you buy (for example, an Arai visor has vents to accommodate).

Priced per individual sticker, there are numerous design options available including various flags, all printed onto a black background – please note these are NOT see through.


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