Edition 19 (May/June 2020)

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Freedom for Tooting! We trace the Urban Guerrilla’s Lambretta Series 1 down to Cornwall…
PLUS more legendary machines from the Mike Karslake collection – the fire engine and LPS Lambro
Easter Scooter Rallies – Johnny Walker looks back in time
A couple of stunning Lambretta Greyhound ‘specials’
A student’s innovative concept on electrifying a classic scooter
A bit about Spark Plugs
Another instalment of curious scooter history from Vittorio Tessera – rare scooters found in Cuba!
A jaw-dropping custom Vespa GS
A review of the first UK scooter event of 2020 – Burton Brewers SC
Second Coming – Ian Brown/Stone Roses inspired custom commuter scooter
Mutant Lambretta/Vijai – part GP, part Series 2, Garagista custom from Down Under
Norrie Kerr has a photo that tells story
Tributes to the late Marshall ‘Chuckles’ Swonnell and Paul Karslake
Plus more besides, all wrapped as always in 100 quality pages of ScooterNova magazine!